Personalized Debit Card
Fee $5.00 per card
Fee may apply. Add a personal photo to your debit card!
Automatic transfer of funds
Fee $5.00
Automatic transfer of funds from a Share Savings to Share Checking Account (limit 6 per month)
Overdraft Protection
Fee $25.00 per item paid
Categories of transactions for which an overdraft fee may be imposed are those by any of the following means: check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.
Overdraft Protection (SSAP)
Fee $15.00 per item paid
Fee $25.00 per item paid
Nonsufficient Funds
Fee $25.00 per presentment
Reactivate closed checking account
Fee $25.00 per account
Stop Payments
Fee $25.00 per Item
Stop Payment of BillPayer check - $25.00
Check Order
Fee Fee depends on style and quantity
Temporary Checks
Fee $5.00 per 1 sheet
Teller Check
  $3.00 per Check
Excess Withdrawals
Fee $5.00 per Month
If writing over 50 checks and/or teller transactions per month.
Copy of Check or Statement
Fee $3.00 per Item
BillPayer Check Copy
Fee $10.00 per item
Paper Statements
Fee $2.00 per statement cycle
ATM Transaction Verification
Fee $15.00 per hour
One hour minimum
Foreign Transaction
Fee 1.1% of each transaction in U.S. dollars
Hot Card
Fee $10.00 Lost or stolen (blocking a debit card from use permanently)
Card replacement fee
Fee $5.00 replacing damaged debit or credit card
Checks sent for collection
Fee $22.50 per item
Wire Transfer
Fee $25.00 per Wire Outgoing
International Wire
Fee $50.00
Check Cashing Fee
Fee $3.00 per check
Applies if member is over 18, aggregate balance is less than $100.00 and no open loans or credit card.
Non-member Check Cashing Fee
Fee $5.00 per item (Revity items)
Dormant Acct. Fee
Fee $5.00 per month (after 12 months inactive)
Adding signer(s) or moving account
Fee $25.00 after third time
Return Address Fee
Fee $1.00 per item returned from the U.S. Post Office
Escheatment Fee
Fee $50.00
Fee $50.00
Closing Out Membership
Fee $5.00 per Member
Billpayer Check Copy
Fee $10.00 per Item
Billpayer Stop Payment
Fee $25.00 per Item
CC Funding
Fee $9.95
Fax/Copy Services
Fee $3.00 per First Page
$1.00 for each additional page.
Notary Services
Online Banking
Visa Gift Card
Fee $3.00 per card
Good2Go Checking Account Maintenance
Fee $10.00 per month
Registration Renewal
Fee $7.50 per Sticker
Elite Money Market Minimum Balance Fee
(should the balance fall below $150,000 on any day of the month)
Fee $15.00 per Month
Money Market Minimum Balance Fee
(should the balance fall below $2,500 on any day of the month)
Fee $10.00 per Month
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